Sudamericano Sub-20: Uruguay 1 Chile 0

Three games, three losses. There is no other way to describe what has been a rather dismal opening to the hexagonal final phase of Sudamericano Sub-20. Whilst it wasn’t quite the 4-0 drubbing that occurred in their previous encounter the 1-0 loss this time was even more devastating as it means the Chileans will need to win their next two games to have any hope of going to Colombia later in the year.

It was a brilliantly taken Adrian Luna free kick on 38 minutes that was the difference between the two teams and despite the fact the Chileans came with a rush in the closing minutes with chances to Ramses Bustos, Yashir Pinto and César Pinares they were still unable to find the back of the net. The loss leaves them bottom of the table with zero points and a terrible goal difference. Wins against both Colombia and Ecuador along with other results going their way will the only way La Roja will be at the U20 World Cup.

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