Some streaks ended, others maintained

Playing in the middle of the week has done wonders for Colo Colo as they won their first match of the Apertura beating Palestino 3-0 in La Cisterna with new manager Américo Gallego looking on.

The round also saw Universidad de Chile have its unbeaten streak brought to an end at the hands of Santiago Morning at the Estadio Nacional in the last game of the round. The loss sees rivals Universidad Catolica leap frog them into first place after a last minute goal by Francisco Silva saw los cruzados defeat O’Higgins 3-2.

Newly promoted Unión La Calera also maintained its good early season form with a win over the now winless La Serena, a win which sees them in third place on the table on ten points. With Colo Colo winning both the aforementioned La Serena and Iquique are the only teams not to pick up a win this season.

Primera A Campeonato de Apertura 2011, fifth round

O’Higgins 2-3 U. Católica (H. Martinez (UC) 14′, L. Pratto (UC) 37′, L. Nuñez (OH) 45′, J.G. Lorca (OH) 64′,  F. Silva (UC) 90′)
Ñublense 2-1 Cobreloa (L. Concistre (NU) 9’, Y. Pinto (NU) 34’, D. González (CA) 60’)
U. La Calera 2-0 La Serena (C. Tapia (LS) (og) 32’, A. Risso (ULC) 90’)
A. Italiano 2-1 U. San Felipe (M.Á. González (USF) 75’, M. Olivi (AI) 88’, M. Cáceres (AI) 91’)
Huacipato 3-1 S. Wanderers (S. Ubilla (SW) 38’, D. Currimilla (HU) 57’, P. Otárola (HU) 63’, P. Frangipane (HU) 92’)
Palestino 0-3 Colo Colo (E. Miralles (CC) 4′, C. Jorquera (CC) 27′, A. Scotti (CC) 41′)
Iquique 1-3 U. Concepción (A. Sanhueza (IQ) 4’, G. Lorenzetti (UCo) 10’, P. Muñoz (UCo) 22’, R. Ramos (UCo) 48’)
U. Española 3-0 Cobresal (S. Jaime (UE) 41’, R. Olarra (UE) 59’, L. Monje (UE) 64’)
U. Chile 1-2 S. Morning (E. Cantero (SM) 2′, J. Abarca (UdC) 10′, M. Gómez (SM) 78′)
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