“I have clean hands”

Our hands are clean

The one thing you can never say about Chilean football is that it is dull and boring, both on and off the field. Only days after announcing Claudio Borghi as the national coach, ANFP president Sergio Jadue along with his vice-president Mauricio Etcheberry have been accused of fraud on national television.

The sports program Zoom Deportivo on TVN accused both Jadue and Etcheverry of illegal financial activities during their time in charge of Unión La Calera and Deportes La Serena respectively.

The allegations levelled by the programme against Jadue include writing fraudulent cheques, having millions of Chilean pesos in unpaid pension and tax debts, irregularities in the finances of Unión La Calera, and lack of transparency in land dealings with Santiago Morning president Miguel Nasur.

Etcheverry, the president of Deportes La Serena, is accused of having asked for and received 120 million pesos from the Municipality of La Serena to improve a training facility for Deportes La Serena’s youth squads. However, of the money received, over 100 million pesos allegedly remain unaccounted for and the project has not completed. He is also accused of writing bad cheques and failing to pay players and coaching staff of La Serena between 2007 and 2008.

The Zoom Deportivo report also indicated that Jadue and Etcheverry are already facing legal action for economic crimes and that Jadue will have to present himself on 9 March 2011 at a court in La Calera to face charges of fraud.

Jadue held a press conference at the ANFP headquarters on Monday evening to deny the charges brought against him and confirm that he would continue as president. He added: “It has been years since I have seen a campaign as orchestrated as this one” and this classic “I’m not going to become a Segovia II. I have clean hands.” If that is true it remains to be seen.

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