Clásico universitario flashback: U. Católica 1-0 U. de Chile (1994)

With Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica meeting this week in the first clásico universitario of the year it’s an opportune time to take another latest look into Chilean football history. One clásico that is particularly memorable for los cruzados fans is the August 1994 match where in a top of the table clash with their fierce rivals, Católica won 1-0 courtesy of a goal by Argentinean defender, Sergio Vasquez after being reduced to nine men in the second half. Universidad de Chile, despite the loss had the last laugh though as they won the return match 1-0 via a Marcelo Salas strike and then won the title by a single point from Universidad Católica.


The goal

As an aside if anyone could point me in the direction of any footage of the 2002 clásico universitario where Cristian Alvarez saved Pedro Gonzalez’s penalty after being directed to dive left by the referee it would also be much appreciated.

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