Copa Chile 2011: Round 1 fixtures (Tercera Division A)

This fixture list for the next part of the first round of Copa Chile fixtures is a little out of date as some of the first leg of matches have already taken place today with the remainder of first legs to be played on the 24th May. Second legs will played on the 25th May and 31st May. It’s all a little confusing for a novice such as myself and I would definitley be lost without the help of the people over at

Copa Chile 2011: first round (Tercera Division A)

Barnechea FC vs. Deportes Quilicura
San Pedro de Atacama vs. Municipal Mejillones
Ovalle S.A. vs. Trasandino
Deportes Melipilla vs. San Antonio Unido
Provinicial Talagante vs. Pudahuel Barrancas
Munipical La Pintana vs. Colchagua
Iberia vs. Unión Santa María
A. Fernandez Vial vs. Deportes Temuco
Provincial Osorno vs. Unión Wanderers General Lagos
Deportes Valdivia vs. Deportes Linares
Santa Cruz vs. Enfoque
Defensor de Casablanca vs. Lautaro de Buín
Cerro Navia vs. Deportes Peñalolen
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