Copa Libertadores flashback: Colo Colo campeón (1991)

June 5th 2011 marked the twentieth anniversary of Colo Colo’s one and only Copa Libertadores triumph when they defeated Olimpia of Paraguay 3-0 on aggregate in the 1991 final. In the process they became the first and only Chilean side to ever win the continental title.

One of the highlights (many may call it a lowlight) occurred during the second leg of Colo Colo’s semi-final clash against Argentinean giants, Boca Juniors a police dog named Ron (translates as Rum in English) bit Boca Juniors’ Colombian goalkeeper Carlos Fernando Navarro Montoya on the right calf. According to Fútbol Fútbol Fútbol the dog became instantly famous in Chile and was known as el perro que mordió un mono (the dog that bit a monkey – before anyone raises any rascists connotations, Navarro was nickname was “the monkey”). Colo Colo fans even erected a statue of him and he even has a Facebook page in honour.

I’m pretty sure Chilean television is about to release a documentary about Colo Colo’s 1991 triumph but until we can all see it you have to make do with old one. You may want to watch it instalments because all in all it runs for about an hour. Also included for your reading pleasure are all the results of all their matches in the tournament.

Group Stage Results

Deportes Concepción 0-0 Colo Colo
Colo Colo 3-1Barcelona
Colo Colo 2-0 Deportes Concepción
Colo Colo 3-0 Liga de Quito<
Barcelona2-2 Colo Colo
Liga de Quito 0-0Colo Colo

Round of 16

Universitario 0-0 Colo Colo
Colo Colo 2-1 Universitario
Colo Colo advanced 2-1 on aggregate.


Colo Colo 4-0 Nacional
Nacional 2-0 Colo Colo
Colo Colo advanced 4-2 on aggregate.


Boca Juniors 1-0 Colo Colo
Colo Colo 3-1 Boca Juniors
Colo Colo advanced 4-2 on aggregate.


Colo Colo 0-0 Olimpia
Olimpia 0-3 Colo Colo
Colo Colo win 3-0 on aggregate.
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