Copa América squad finalised

With the Copa América only three days away Claudio Borghi has finally got around to finalising his squad for the tournament. As everyone pretty much expected, the players to miss out were Raúl Olivares, Bruno Romo, Felipe Seymour, Fernando Meneses and Diego Rubio.


Claudio Bravo (Real Sociedad)
Miguel Pinto (Atlas)
Paulo Garcés (Universidad Católica)
Gonzalo Jara (West Bromwich Albion)
Pablo Contreras (PAOK)
Waldo Ponce (Cruz Azul)
Arturo Vidal (Bayer Leverkusen)
Marco Estrada (Montepellier)
Gary Medel (Sevilla)
Rodrigo Millar (Colo Colo)
Carlos Carmona (Atalanta)
Francisco Silva (Universidad Católica)
Mauricio Isla (Udinese)
Gonzalo Fierro (Flamengo)
Matias Fernández (Sporting Lisbon)
Jorge Valdivia (Palmeiras)
Luis Jiménez (Cesena)
Jean Beausejour (Birmingham)
Felipe Gutiérrez (Universidad Católica)
Alexis Sánchez (Udinese)
Esteban Paredes (Colo Colo)
Humberto Suazo (Monterrey)
Carlos Muñoz (Santiago Wanderers)
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