Copa Chile 2011: Round 3 fixtures – 06-10 July 2011 results

More matches in the Copa Chile were played in the last week and with most teams having played four matches the table (which you can view here) is starting to take shape. There are four teams sitting on ten points after four matches with only goal difference separating Audax Italiano, Universidad Católica, Santiago Morning and defending champions, Iquique.

At the other end of the table with no points are La Pintana, Naval, Enfoque and surprise packets, Quesos Kumey although to be fair the latter are the only team who have played four games. Other surprises at the wrong end of the table include Palestino and U. San Felipe who have one and two points respectively after having played four games.

Copa Chile 2011: third round, 06-10 July 2011

Everton 0-0 U. La Calera
Magallenes 0-0 U. San Felipe
Cobresal 3-1 Coquimbo
SM Arica 1-2 Cobreloa
Rangers 1-1 Palestino
La Serena 1-0 Dep. Copiapó
Huachipato 2-1 U. Temuco
U. Católica 2-0 Naval
S. Morning 2-1 La Pintana
Enfoque 1-4 A. Italiano
S. Wanderers 1-2 San Luis
Mejillones 0-1 Iquique
Dep. Temuco 1-2 Puerto Montt
Curicó 1-0 O’Higgins
D. Concepción 1-2 Ñublense
Naval 0-2 U. Católica
Colo Colo 4-1 Lota Schwager
Puerto Montt 3-1 Quesos Kumey
SM Arica 0-0 Iquique
Dep. Copiapó 0-2 Cobresal
U. Temuco 3-0 Dep. Temuco
S. Wanderers 0-2 Everton
Palestino 1-2 A. Italiano
U. La Calera 1-0 San Luis
Ñublense 0-2 D. Concepción
Coquimbo 1-1 La Serena
Curicó 1-2 Rangers
Magallanes 1-1 U. de Chile
Enfoque 0-3 O’Higgins<
Cobreloa 2-2 Mejillones
U. San Felipe 1-1 S. Morning
Huachipato 3-1 U. Concepción
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