Campeonato de Clausura 2011: Round 6 fixtures

Round Five has barely finished and we are already into Round Six of the Clausura campaign with O’Higgins kicking off proceedings against La Serena only a day after Universidad de Chile and Santiago Morning concluded the previous round.

Matches of note will be Huachipato hosting Colo Colo, who will have Ivo Basay in charge for the first time whilst Unión Española will be looking for their first win of the season when they host Unión San Felipe.

Primera Division Campeonato de Clausura 2011, sixth round

O’Higgins vs. La Serena (Fri 20:00, El Teniente)
Palestino vs. Cobresal (Sat 15:00, La Cisterna)
Huachipato vs. Colo Colo (Sat 17:30, CAP)
U. Española vs. U. San Felipe (Sat 20:00, Santa Laura)
Ñublense vs.Iquique(Sun 16:00, Bicentenario Nelson Oyarzún)
A. Italiano vs S. Morning (Sun 16:00, Bicentenario LaFlorida)
U. La Calera vs. Cobreloa (Sun 16:00, Bicentenario Lucio Fariña)
S. Wanderers vs. U. Católica (Sun 16:00, Playa Ancha)
U. de Chile vs. U. Concepción (Sun 18:30, Nacional)
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