Turmoil again strikes la roja

Turmoil has again struck the Chilean national team only days out from 2014 World Cup Qualifiers against Uruguay and Paraguay with five players being suspended for both matches due to disciplinary reasons.

Jorge Valdivia, Gonzalo Jara, Jean Beausejour, Arturo Vidal and Carlos Carmona will all not play with la roja against Uruguay on Friday or against Paraguay next week after manager Claudio Borghi suspended them for arriving forty-five minutes past their 10 p.m. curfew in what Borghi told a press conference, “not in a suitable condition.”

Of course disciplinary troubles are nothing new for the national team with the most recent incident occurred just before the first qualifier against Argentina, when the Chilean press accused Valdivia and Beausejour of being under the influence of alcohol during breakfast at a Cafe Tavelli restaurant in Santiago.

During a press conference to announce the suspensions Borghi referred to both the current incident and the previous allegations: “The Tavelli incident I couldn’t confirm. Yesterday’s  incident I could confirm. This is the coach’s decision, it hasn’t come from above.”

“If you ask me whether they were drunk, I haven’t got a clue, but they were not in a reasonable state,” Borghi told the press. He also said how he found out: “The players arrived late, and by that time dinner was over. They went into their rooms. I never go into their rooms, but yesterday I did and what I saw made a very bad impression on me.” players were in such bad condition that when confronted “they couldn’t even defend themselves,” Borghi said.

The suspensions obviously throw Borghi’s plans into disarray with both Valdivia and Vidal expected to start against Uruguay and Paraguay. To replace the suspended players, Borghi has called on locally based players in the form of Universidad de Chile’s José Rojas, Universidad Católica’s Milovan Mirosevic, Felipe Gutiérrez, Fernando Meneses and Francisco Silva. One would assume these are only stop gap measures and are unlikely to find any game time in the qualifiers.

Photo taken from triunfo.cl
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