Promotion playoff: Rangers de Talca 1-1 Everton

Rangers de Talca and Everton shared the honours in the first leg of their promotion playoff to see who will join Antofagasta in the Primera Division for next season.

With Antogafasta having already been promoted to the Primera Division after finished top of the general classication table it mean that Rangers de Talca, who finished second in the Apertura table behind Antofagasta and Everton who finished top in the Clausura met to determine who would be the second team automatically promoted.

Despite their respective positions on the Clausura table, Rangers had finished eleventh after an impressive Apertura campaign, it was a tight contest and it wasn’t until the 78th minute that the visitors got on the scoreboard first in the 78th minute via Marco Lazaga. The advantage didn’t last long before the home side equalised five minutes later courtesy of Manuel Ormazábal.

The return leg will be played on Sunday in the Estadio Sausalito.

Rangers de Talca 1-1 Everton

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2 Responses to Promotion playoff: Rangers de Talca 1-1 Everton

  1. Paulo says:

    Guys thank u very much on ur efforts in putting this information, but I think u should have just added this goal from Rangers FC also, I think it let’s u guys for a bit in a position of a bad football propaganda.

  2. Neil says:

    My apologies Paulo it was more a case of not looking at the YouTube clip fully before adding it. I have now updated the clip so that is shows both clips.

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