Last round of joy and heartbreak

The regular season of the Clausura came to an end this weekend and it was full of drama and surprises as teams gained playoff spots, got relegated and avoided the relegation playoffs.

Santiago Morning became the second team to be automatically relegated to the Primera B after the Recoleta based side lost 2-1 to Cobreloa. This was despite getting off to the perfect start as Felipe Flores opened the scoring in the first minute. The win for Cobreloa means that they finished the regular season in second position.

Unión La Calera was one of the big winners of the weekend with their 1-0 victory over Santiago Wanderers meaning they will see playoff action for the second season in a row as they jumped to seventh position. The news wasn’t so good for their opponents as the loss meant that they would be involved in a playoff against a Primera B side to see if they would stay in Chile’s top division. Joining Wanderers in the other playoff spot will be Unión San Felipe after they lost 1-0 to Palestino.

Universidad de Concepción, who despite throwing away a two goal lead against Unión Española, stayed in the Primera Division. The 2-2 draw result not only meant los hispanos finished in eighth position but also sowed up the third Copa Libertadores spot allocated to Chilean sides. Unión’s opponent in the playoffs will be Universidad de Chile, whose 1-1 draw with Audax Italiano meant they went the whole of the regular season undefeated.

Audax Italiano’s opponent in the first round of the playoffs will be Universidad Católica who made an impressive finish to the season with a 4-1 win over fellow playoff team, La Serena. The result meant La Serena fell to sixth on the table and will meet Colo Colo in the playoffs after los albos defeated the already relegated Ñublense 2-1.

Playoff action starts next Friday night.

Primera Division Campeonato de Clausura 2011, seventeenth round

U. Católica 4-1 La Serena (F. Meneses (UC) 11′, D. Pezzarossi (LS) 37′, F. Pïzarro (UC) (47′), K. Harbottle (UC) 78′, F. Gutiérrez (UC) 86′)
Colo Colo 2-1 Ñublense (L. Wilchez (CC) 46′, S. Montesinos (ÑU) 58′, J.P. Fuenzalida (CC) 84′)
O’Higgins 4-4 Huachipato (C. Cortés (HU) 19’ & 84′, S. Pinto (OHI) 23′, 40′, 48′ & 81′,  M. Villalobos (HU) 30’ & 61′)
U. Concepción 2-2 U. Española (C. Guerra (UDC) 11′, P. Muñoz (UDC) 25′, F. Cordero (UE) 31′, B. Leal (UE) 47′)
Cobresal 3-3 Iquique (C. Bogado (CBS) 2′, P. Pallante (IQQ) 3′, J. Henríquez (CBS) 12′, M.Á. Cuéllar (CBS) 36′, L. Fuentes (IQQ) 50′, V. Sarabia (IQQ) 77′)
Cobreloa 2-1 S. Morning (F. Flores (SM) 1′, A. Oroz (CBA) 44′, S. Zúñiga (CBA) 86′)
U. La Calera 1-0 S. Wanderers (R. Fernández (ULC) 64′)
Palestino 1-0 U. San Felipe (J. Fernandes (PAL) 50′)
A. Italiano 1-1 U. de Chile (P. Magalhaes (UCH) 71′, F. Pereyra (AI) 85′)
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