Borghi names squad for Peru friendly

Claudio Borghi has named a twenty man home-based squad for an upcoming friendly against Peru that is to be held in Arica on the 21st March. There are many familiar faces in the squad but Borghi has pulled a few surprises giving call ups to Iquique pair Edson Puch and Sebastián Toro whilst Universidad Católica youngsters Enzo Andía and Marko Biskupovic also in the squad.

The squad is as follows:

Luis Marín (O’Higgins)
Cristopher Toselli (Universidad Católica)
Enzo Andía (Universidad Católica)
Marco Biskupovic (Universidad Católica)
Luis Casanova (O’Higgins)
Lucas Domínguez (Audax Italiano)
Sebastián Toro (Iquique)
Rodrigo Millar (Colo Colo)
Braulio Leal (Unión Española)
Marcelo Díaz (Universidad de Chile)
Lorenzo Reyes (Huachipato)
Charles Aránguiz (Universidad de Chile)
Bryan Carrasco (Audax Italiano)
Eugenio Mena (Universidad de Chile)
Felipe Gutiérrez (Universidad Católica)
Edson Puch (Iquique)
Esteban Paredes (Colo Colo)
Felipe Flores (Cobreloa)
Junior Fernandes (Universidad de Chile)
Nicolás Canales (Palestino).
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