Copa Chile 2012: Round 1 results

After what seems like an age the first round of fixtures the first round of fixtures of the Copa Chile have finally concluded with former Primera Division champion Everton and Primera B side Naval being the biggest two casualties so far, whilst Primera B Apertura champions San Marcos de Arica had a very close call.

Everton were definitely the biggest casualty of the first of the Copa Chile as they went down 4-3 on aggregate to Tercera A side San Antonio Unido. Playing a big part in San Antonio’s triumph was their 4-1 in the first leg on home soil. Los ruleteros tried their best to over turn the deficit in the second leg but could only manage a 2-0 win.

Fellow Primera B side Naval also were a significant casualty of the first round as they were defeated 5-2 on aggregate by segunda division side Iberia, who won both legs convincingly. Only weeks after clinching the Primera B Apertura title, San Marcos de Arica almost joined Naval and Everton on the sidelines as they had to rely on penalties to see off Tercera A side Provincial Talagante. Going into the second leg with a 2-1 advantage, San Marcos went down 5-4 in the second leg in front of their home fans before prevailing in a penalty shootout.

Last year’s finalist Magallanes had no problems progressing to the next round after they defeated Tercera A side 6-0 on aggregate whilst former Primera Division saw off Melipilla 7-2 on aggregate to also progress.

Copa Chile 2012: Round one fixtures, first leg results

Provincial Talagante 1-2 San Marcos de Arica
Deportes Copiapó 0-3 Coquimbo Unido
Trasandino 2-2 San Luis
San Antonio Unido 4-1 Everton
CDS Enfoque 1-3 Barnechea
Deportes Quilicura 0-2 Magallanes
Deportes Melipilla 0-4 Santiago Morning
Colchagua CD 3-0 Curicó Unido
Deportes Linares 1-1 Ñublense
Iberia 2-1 Naval
Deportes Valdivia 0-2 Lota Schwager
Fernández Vial 1-0 Deportes Concepción
Deportes Temuco 1-0 Unión Temuco
Provincial Osorno 1-0 Deportes Puerto Montt

Copa Chile 2012: Round one fixtures, second leg results

San Marcos de Arica* 4-5 Provincial Talagante
Coquimbo Unido* 3-2 Deportes Copiapó
San Luis 0-1 Transandino*
Everton* 2-0 San Antonio Unido
Barnechea* 3-2 CDS Enfoque
Magallanes* 4-0 Deportes Quilicura
Santiago Morning* 3-3 Deportes Melipilla
Curicó Unido 0-0 Colchagua CD*
Ñublense* 3-1 Deportes Linares
Naval 1-3 Iberia*
Lota Schwager* 1-2 Deportes Valdivia
Deportes Concepción* 4-0 Fernández Vial
Unión Temuco* 1-0 Deportes Temuco
Deportes Puerto Montt* 3-1 Provincial Osorno
* – progressed to the second round
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