Borghi names squad for Ecuador friendly

Claudio Borghi has named his squad for an upcoming friendly against Ecuador that is to be held in New York on the 15th of August. There were a few surprises with recent Universidad Católica returnee Fernando Meneses joining Carlos Labrín who gets his first call up since 2010 in the squad whilst the selection of  Santiago Wanderers’ Agustin Parra and Huachipato Cesar Cortes were also surprise inclusions.

Miguel Pinto (Atlas)
Cristopher Toselli (U. Católica)

Marco González (Flamengo)
Carlos Labrín (Palermo)
Agustin Parra (S. Wanderers)
Osvaldo González (U. de Chile)
Lucas Domínguez (Audax Italiano)
José Rojas (U. de Chile)
Luis Pedro Figueroa (O’Higgins)
Fernando Meneses (U. Católica)
Gary Medel (Sevilla)
Charles Aránguiz (U. de Chile)
Arturo Vidal (Juventus)
Braulio Leal (U. Española)
Eugenio Mena (U. de Chile)
Cristóbal Jorquera (Geno)
Alexis Sánchez (Barcelona)
Eduardo Vargas (Napoli)
Humberto Suazo (Monterrey)
Sebastián Pinto (Bursaspor)
César Cortés (Huachipato)
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