Recopa Sudamericana 2012: U. de Chile 0-0 Santos

Pouring rain and freezing conditions saw a smaller crowd than usual at Estadio Nacional to watch Universidad de Chile take on Santos in the Recopa Sudamericana. Santos will regret a game of missed opportunities, including a penalty kick by Neymar sailing over the top of the crossbar.

The star attacker bamboozled the defense of “La U” before being fouled by Sebastián Martinez in the sixteenth minute. While the penalty was the clearest chance, both sides made mistakes in the wet conditions. For Universidad de Chile, Enzo Gutiérrez who was alone in attack and failed to capitalise on a number of opportunities.

The second half saw los azules dominating posession, but rarely shooting for goal. The rainy conditions did not suit the style of either team, with the soggy field slowing down the pace of the game. As the game wore on, the players wore out, with chances becoming fewer. The best opportunity for Universidad de Chile came early in the second half, with Gutiérrez teaming up with Eugenio Mena, however the ball found it’s way onto the top of the net.

The two teams will face of once again next month to define the Recopa title. Coach Jorge Sampaoli was pleased with the effort of the team, saying after the match, “Today we returned to the intensity of the Copa Sudamericana.” He added later, “Tonight “La U” was the only team trying to win the match.”

Newly signed Manchester United striker Ángelo Henríquez did not take part in the match, with Sampaoli angered at the departure of the young star. “I understand his annoyance because there is no time to find a new player, however it is an opportunity I could not miss,” said Henríquez, who faces a whole new challenge in the world of the English Premier League.

Universidad de Chile 0-0 Santos

This article was written Daniel Boyle and first appeared at I Love Chile.
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