My fascination with Chilean football began in 2006 during a six week visit to South America when I had the opportunity to take in some football action. In particular it all really began on a cold Friday night when invited to attend a match between Union Española and Universidad de Concepcion at Estadio Santa Laura, the home ground of the aforementioned Union Española. From then on La Furia Roja became my Chilean team so to speak. Following them in the eschewing years from afar has been difficult and in many ways this website is my way of following their fortunes.

viva la roja mierda is my second venture into the football blogging world with my first being Victory In Melbourne, commenced in 2007 as a homage to my hometown team Melbourne Victory, who play in Australia’s A-League. I am also a regular contributor to Australian FourFourTwo where I also write about Melbourne Victory. My words can be also be found on Soccerlens but only on a very irregular basis.

I hope you enjoy viva la roja mierda, I am not sure how it will end up but like the football itself it sure is going to be interesting.


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  1. Patrick says:

    Go on, mate!

    I like your posts, I always read your post (RSS). Funny website name LOL.

    Greetings from Chile.

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